Rules and Regulations


Member Eligibility

Levels-The prospective member must be of level 15 or higher, if the player has another character of level 30 or higher in the guild, then they may join with a character as low as level 10. There may be exceptions to this rule upon the discretion of the Guild Leaders

Races/Classes -We are currently accepting all Race/Class combinations as regular members


1) All standard EverQuest rules apply

2) No members will act in a way, which will bring dishonor upon the Guild

3) The Leaders, who may be advised by the Officers, will decide all titles and rank

4) Members will refrain from using Anon unless they have expressed permission from the Leader, or a  Head Officer. Normal and Role-Play status is allowed, but you should always wear your Guild tag with honor and pride.

5) No Attacking of the Guards in Newbie areas will be permitted (the newbies rely on the guards for protection). If they attack you, you may defend yourself as needed. If you are caught breaking this rule you will be issued a strike – no warnings. (exceptions will be made in cases such as quests, but please inform the guild of your reasons for slaying a guard )

6) No fighting in Guild chat, any arguments should be taken to private tells

7) When in guild chat members will stay IN character as much as possible, if you need to say something out of character type: /gu ooc... and then your message to let everyone know you are speaking out of character. ( a chat channel may eventually be created for the guild for out of character guild chat )

8) No Begging for Items from the Guild. The Guild will have items kept in its tresury to aid members if they need them. While donations to the treasury are not required they are greatly appreciated, as it will help the Guild to help its members. Items in the Guild Treasury may be lent out to members for use or sold by Officers to buy more useful items for the house. Any items lent to a member will be returned when they no longer need it or if they ever choose to leave the Guild

9) Each member will be allowed up to three characters in the Guild, there may be exceptions to this rule upon the discretion of the Leader and her Officers, we  want you to be able to explore some of the other wonderful guilds on the Erollissi Marr server to promote guild alliances and raids. if you have more alts that you would like to join the sultans then discuss it with an officer or leader and we may allow extra alts.

Rules and duties of Officers:

1) Eligibility – to become an Officer a member/character must be level 30 or higher (exceptions may be made by judgment of the Leaders), and they must be Recommended for the position by their current Commanding Officer. Upon recommendation the Leaders will accept testimony from the other Officers before making her decision.

2) Officers are considered Ambassadors of the Guild, and will act in a manner appropriate to their position.

3) Any and all invites MUST be approved by the Leader, or a High Officer before the invite takes place.

4) High Officers (High Priest, Weapons Master, ect…) are directly responsible for the actions of those members whom their position implies and are to take care of any disciplinary situations that may arise in those members, if a situation needs immediate attention and the officer whom would normally be responsible to handle the situation is not available, then another Officer may step in and take care of the situation.

5) All Officers will do their best to aid the other members whenever it is possible for them to do so, this does not mean that an officer is expected to drop whatever they doing at a moments notice to help out, but if an officer is free and able to help out they should do so.

6) Officers are required to attend all meetings and guild events, if an officer does not  attend an officer meeting the officer will be put to trial immediately (unless for RL reasons they cannot make it)


If you are caught breaking a rule you will be sent a private tell with a warning.

If your actions persist in breaking the rules, you will be sent a tell letting you know you have been issued a strike.

A member who has been issued a strike may have it removed, if their actions/attitude become more appropriate.

After a member has built up 3 strikes he will be put on Trial by the Officers, and MAY be removed. from the guild

an officer that has been issued three strikes will be put on trial and may be demoted or removed depending on the severity of the situation

Rules of the Trial:

Trials will be held within one week from the date that the member receives a third strike and will be held in EQ chat

If a member fails to show for their own trial they will be removed without trial (unless for RL reasons they are unable to make it in which case the trial will be postponed, however the trial will not be postponed twice)

The Officers who issued the strikes will give testimony as to why the strikes were issued

The Member on trial will be given a chance to defend their actions

The Officers will state whether they believe the member should be removed, and why or why not

After taking all testimony into consideration the Leader will make her Ruling


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